Bi-luminite pool colours

Stunning looks of your pool, with a 3D effect in your pool water

Compass Pools Bi luminite 3D Colours

A brilliantly luminous swimming pool

Before Compass developed Bi-luminite, most composite fibreglass pools came in plain colour finishes. Some had flecks, others tried to look like marble. Compass revolutionised the look of composite pools by inserting large reflective chips into the resin and using two colour layers, not just one.

The surface of a Compass Bi-luminite pool can only be described as brilliantly luminous. Behind the luminous, three-dimensional lustre is another example of the scientific approach Compass takes to every aspect of pool construction.

The unique bi-luminite colouring process used by Compass enhances the appearance of your pool and actually works to keep it looking like new for longer.

Discover the Bi-luminite pool colour story

Made using reflective chips

Large reflective chips are added into the colour mix, creating a more dynamic-looking pool, enhanced by sunlight and water.

ArmourShield protection

ArmourShield is an extra layer of vinyl ester resin, helping your pool maintain its stunning good looks for longer,
The Bi-luminite™ layering process, exclusive to Compass Pools, creates a 3D effect which enhances your pool water colour.

Colours with unmatched depth and luminousity

Just like a water on a tropical island, the colour of your pool is influenced by its surroundings and light. Ask our team for an advice for selecting the colour for your pool.

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About the Bi-luminite colour technology

The Compass Bi-luminite colouring system uses a dual-layer approach to create an amazing 3D effect when your pool is filled with water. You will be astounded by how much your pool sparkles in the sunlight.

Not only will your pool look stunning, it also comes with an added layer of protection. Beneath the gelcoat surface layer, is a second colour layer made from high-quality vinyl ester resin, providing extra water-proofing protection for your pool’s structure.

The gelcoat interior also plays its part by providing a durable surface and by protecting the underlying vinyl ester colour layer from direct exposure to sunlight. This will help your pool to maintain a consistent appearance as it ages, and to continue looking great throughout its lifetime.

Bi luminite pool colour technology

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