Pool financing options available

Can I finance a pool?

This is a question many future pool owners ask. The answer is simple: YES, you can finance a pool. If you are buying a new home, you might want to look at the possibility of integrating your pool loan with your home loan. Bundling a pool loan with your new mortgage may save you money. If you are not buying a home, there still are pool financing options available for you. Read more below to find out how to finance a pool. Use our pool finance calculator to calculate various pool payment plans scenarios.

New swimming pool financing

Buying a new swimming pool is a sizeable investment in dozens of thousands of dollars. Thus, looking at pool financing options might be a good idea to start thinking of your pool project. Thousands of Queensland homeowners have already used pool financing to help them pay for their backyard transformation. In cooperation with Handypay, we have pool financing options ready to help you fund your new swimming pool.

Handypay home improvement loans

We partnered with Handypay to bring you flexible home improvement payment plans to finance your new swimming pool. Handypay is fast & flexible: They can approve your pool financing in seconds and create a simple and affordable pool financing plan for you.

Your pool financing calculator

Use our free pool financing calculator to evaluate the various budget scenarios for financing your new swimming pool.

This pool finance calculator is a free estimating tool only. It does not pre-qualify you for any loan program nor does it give you a guarantee that you will qualify for a pool financing program. The pool financing calculator only performs simple computation, using an illustrative interest rate. Your interest rate will depend on the plan you’ll choose. Our pool loan calculator does not provide legal, tax, accounting or investment advice. Your final weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments may differ from this preliminary calculation shown for initial budgeting considerations only.

Pool financing FAQs

Who can apply for the loan?

Must be at least 18 years of age
Must be an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen
Must receive employment income
Must be for consumer use only

What are the finance options?

The amounts vary from $2,001 to $75,000
Available terms are from 1 to 7 years
Loan repayment options include weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments

What interest will I pay?

Eligible applicants can receive a special discount rate from 7.99% p.a. (Comparison Rate 8.51%), assuming a $15,000 loan over a 7-year term. For non-eligible applicants, other fees or charges may apply.

Need more help to decide?

Call Handypay, your pool loan specialists to discuss your new swimming pool finance options today on 1300 990 115

How Handypay pool loan works

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You choose your pool

Decide on the swimming pool and accept the pool quote

You apply

Apply to buy the pool now and pay later

We pay for the pool

Your pool loan is approved in seconds & we pay for it

Own the swimming pool

Own your swimming pool faster with our flexible payments
Handypay swimming pool finance specialists

Quick loan approvals

It’s fast and easy
A simple, affordable, payment plan solution that enables you to turn your backyard into an oasis with a new swimming pool today and pay over time – that’s handy!