Compass fibreglass pools

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Inspire Pools are building high quality, durable and great looking self-cleaning fibreglass pools made by Compass Pools Australia. We install fibreglass pools in the Greater Toowoomba and Darling Downs area. Our fibreglass pools come in a wide range of shapes and designs suitable for a variety of purposes. Whether you’d like to swim your morning laps, engage in family fun or just relax and enjoy the view, we have the right pool design for you.

X Trainer swimming pool with a Sunpod bubbler and water wall features

X-Trainer Pools

Our X-Trainer fibreglass pool is the #1 option for many families. It’s great both for swimming and family fun – with an unobstructed swimming corridor, a ...
Vogue fibreglass family pool installation 11


Vogue represents the pinnacle in contemporary pool design, making it the perfect centrepiece for your landscaped entertaining area. Its modern shape is enhanced by the symmetry ...
Inspire Pools Plunge pools

Plunge Pools

Even a smaller space can be turned into a backyard oasis. Our variety of fibreglass plunge pools will help you transform your backyard. Browse the options ...
Compass Pools Sanctuary fibreglass pool installation 1


A modern geometric shape that will fit most backyards. Our Sanctuary pools offer ample space to take a dip while providing a full length bench and ...
Compass Pools Fastlane fibreglass lap pools with a spa attached

Fastlane Lap Pools

The Fastlane lap pool is ideal for swimming laps, fitness, and aquatic aerobic exercise. It features an unobstructed swimming corridor, has flat bottom, and can come ...
Riviera family swimming pool tiled around


Looking for the perfect family pool? Look no further. The Riviera fibreglass swimming pool is ideal for a family that loves both swimming and entertainment, with ...
Compass Pools Contemporary inground pool installation

Contemporary Pool

Looking for a contemporary pool? There’s a Contemporary to suit every backyard. Deep in the centre and shallow at both ends make this pool perfect for ...
A pool and spa combo with the X Trainer swimming pool and 3 water walls


Our Compass range of spas accommodates a variety of landscapes and purposes. Since the beginning of time, people have discovered the many benefits of relaxing in ...
Small swimming pools

Small Pools

Not enough space in your backyard? Our small fibreglass pools fit well in today’s compact, narrow blocks, And as all our pools, they come with a lifetime structural warranty and 10-year enhanced cosmetic warranty ...
X Trainer pool build above the ground with a self standing spa

Medium Pools

If you are looking for a mid-sized swimming pool, we have a range of options for you. You can choose from a number of designs and sizes from 5 to 10m length. There are many options for medium pools in ...
Pool and spa combo with the X Trainer pool and X Trainer spa

Large Pools

Select from a wide choice of large fibreglass pools suitable for fitness and family fun. Swimming larges and having fun in the pool was never easier. And they can be built partially or fully above the ground thanks to our ...
Compass Pools Fastlane fibreglass pool inground installation with steps on side

Lap Pools

If you’re looking for a fibreglass pool that you could swim your morning laps in, a lap pool from Inspire Pools is the perfect solution. Our fibreglass lap pools fit well on today’s compact, narrow blocks, providing a great balance ...
Family pools Toowoomba QLD

Family Pools

This uniquely designed family pool range offers something special for all ages. All the pools in the range offer a combination of fitness and fun. Our family pools are often equipped with a step ledge to give children a rest ...
Inspire Pools Plunge pools

Plunge Pools

A limited space does not mean you have to give up on owning a pool. Our fibreglass plunge pools fit well in today’s compact, narrow blocks, providing a great balance between aesthetics and usefulness ...

Inground pools or above ground pools

Compass Pools can be built on flat or sloping sites
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Toowoomba inground pools

Your pool - your way. We can build your new swimming pool inground and integrate it with your landscaping. Every Compass fibreglass pool can be installed as an inground pool. So whether you're after small, medium or a large pool, Compass inground swimming pools are the solution.

Toowoomba above ground pools

Thanks to the unique Compass Maxi Rib technology, Compass fibreglass pools can be also built completely or partially above the ground. Catering for difficult or sloping sites is not a problem anymore. Ask us about our above ground fibreglass pool options today.
X Trainer fibreglass swimming pool with water wall and sunpod

Why select Compass fibreglass pools

Three reasons why thousands of Australian families love Compass pools
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Handcrafted swimming pools manufactured by the leading fibreglass pools manufacturer Compass Pools Australia with exceptional care and passion.
With over 30 years of fibreglass pool manufacturing experience, ongoing product research and development, Compass Pools come with lifetime structural warranty.
Thanks to Compass Bi-luminite colours, your swimming pool will look stunning by daylight and night. Learn why they are special and how the reflective chips work!
Achieve a similar effect with your pool design if you have a sloping site

Top-rated fibreglass swimming pools

4.7* Google rating / 4.6*
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Relax by your Toowoomba swimming pool

Features of Compass fibreglass pools

Learn more about the unique features of Compass pools
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Compass fibreglass pools are so different from the other pools available in Toowoomba QLD. Manufactured by an innovative Australian company, Compass Pools Australia, they combine 40 years of experience in research and development with knowledge and passion for creating the best swimming pools.

We love Compass pools and would recommend these pools to anyone looking at transforming their backyard.

The ceramic composite technology makes a Compass pool much stronger than an average fibreglass pool. Thanks to the Bi-luminite colour system, these fibreglass pools look stunning, creating a 3D effect in the pool water.

Nonetheless, these pools can literally clean themselves. Thanks to the unique Vantage infloor cleaning system, you’ll be able to own a self-cleaning pool that is healthier to swim in, requires less maintenance and saves you money.

Compass Pools Australia Bi luminite 3D Colours
Compass Pools Australia Self Cleaning Swimming Pools Video
Pool Features Exclusive warranty
Above Ground Maxi Rib Fibreglass Pools
Strong Ceramic Core Pools
Hydrostatic Protection on Fibreglass Pools

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