Building healthy mineral pools, with lower chlorine levels & magnesium rich minerals

Introducing mineral pools

Introducing the mineral pool system

Swimming and bathing in mineral water have been around for thousands of years as minerals have many positive impacts on our physical and mental health. Pool owners now have the ability to swap their pool water treatment system for a mineral pool chlorinator. Thanks to this system, the chlorine will be generated from the minerals in the pool water (e.g. magnesium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium chloride). Chlorine levels will be much lower, compared to a traditional chlorine pool (by up to 50-80%).

Benefits of mineral pools

Mineral pool owners report that the water feels much softer with minerals in it, having a soothing effect on their skin. Mineral pool treatment system is compatible with all pool types and it can be used in concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl liner pools. Thanks to lower chlorine levels, mineral pools are healthier to swim in and also more eco friendly compared with traditional pools. Get in touch with us to discuss more details about converting your pool to a mineral pool and the various systems available!
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Top 3 reasons to decide for a mineral pool

Why choose the mineral pool sanitation system
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Achieve reduced chlorine output of 50-80% (dependent of bather load and weather). Less chlorine demand results in improved water balance and reduced requirement for other chemicals such as acid and buffer.
Ozone Swim destroys combined chlorine (chloramines) responsible for irritating the skin and eyes. This is ideal for anyone with a skin condition, asthma or simply looking to reduce chemical exposure.
Magnesium-rich minerals from the Dead Sea, Nature’s Greatest Spa, that make the water feel soft and silky with all the health benefits that magnesium delivers as a muscle relaxant and detoxifier.
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I’d love to talk to you about your prospective QLD inground pool project. We are always keen on helping pool buyers pursue their dreams of transforming their backyards. Every Compass pool can come with a mineral pool system.

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